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Pheasant Hunting Season + South Dakota Vacation

 A-1 Pheasant Hunting is a branch of Stanley Farms, which is located in  the middle of South Dakota, the heart of pheasant country!

 This region of the state is known world-wide for its huge pheasant population.

 A-1 Pheasant Hunting has a record high pheasant population (South  Dakota Game, Fish & Parks) 

The Stanley family has more than 100 years experience developing the plains and pheasants of South Dakota. 

 With  vast  acreage, you can experience a different field to hunt everyday! 

A-1 Pheasant Hunting is spread throughout Lyman  County, which is some of the finest pheasant hunting ground in South Dakota.  We manage this  prime South Dakota land to promote a large, natural pheasant hatch, ideal  pheasant habitat conditions, and superb pheasant retention.  This has created a  very protected and stable wild pheasant population for hunters.  Our commitment to pheasant  habitat management provides you the best pheasant hunting in South  Dakota. In 2007, South Dakota had the highest pheasant  population since 1945, and conditions are set for the 2008 pheasant hunting  season to be better than the best ever!                

  Interested in South Dakota Pheasant Hunting?

 Whether you are  hunting pheasant for the first time or have been doing it for years, A1  Pheasant Hunting can offer you an outdoor experience unlike any other.  Enjoy access to beautiful privately owned South  Dakota pheasant hunting grounds, combined with the expertise of seasoned  hunters who can guide you towards a fulfilling hunt.  Pheasant is one of the most popular game  birds, for those who hunt for sport and those who hunt for the delicacy that is  pheasant meat.  At A1 Pheasant Hunting’s  pheasant fields, you’ll find an abundance of roosters, giving you the perfect  opportunity to partake in the challenge of hunting these fantastic fowl.

Go Hunting in South Dakota!

  No matter what sort of hunting trip you’re looking for, you  can find it at A1 Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota.   Make use of trained hunting dogs, or bring  your own.  Hunting packages include  shooting clays, experienced guidance from A1 Pheasant Hunting’s expert hunters,  cleaning, dressing and freezing of your catches, and much more.  If you’d prefer to take a more hands-on  approach, you can save money by trimming out the features you don’t need.  You can even reserve A1 Pheasant Hunting’s  hunting grounds for exclusive use, provided you have a group of 14 hunters or  more.  Group hunting can be a great  corporate team building experience, or simply a way for the family to enjoy the  great outdoors together.

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Enjoy Comfortable Accommodations While Pheasant Hunting in  South Dakota:

You can also take advantage of the great lodging options at  A1 Pheasant Hunting.  There are a variety  of accommodations available, from apartments to houses to lodges.  Fully equipped with comfortable living areas,  bedrooms and bathrooms, pheasant hunting in South Dakota will be as comfortable  as it is exciting.  If you want to book  lodging for your stay, be sure to reserve early, as pheasant hunting season  brings hunters in droves, all seeking the thrill of a pheasant hunt.  We even provide a shuttle service to make  getting to and from the airport a breeze, so that your getaway starts from the  moment you land.

Things You Need to Know About South Dakota Hunting

 Pheasant hunting season officially opens on the third  Saturday in October, and lasts until early January, with shooting hours between  10am and sunset (except on the first day of season, which starts at 12pm).  It is important to note that there is a  3-rooster-per-day limit, with a possession limit of 15 birds.  A South Dakota license is required by law,  and can be purchased online or at most convenience stores.  License prices are not included in A1  Pheasant Hunting’s package prices.

Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota – An Experience Unlike Any Other

 If you want to experience the thrill of pheasant hunting in  a state renowned for its abundant pheasant population, visit or call  1-605-ROOSTER.  Whether you want to plan  your trip and find out about this year’s expected numbers, or want advice about  what guns or ammo to bring, A1 Pheasant Hunting will be happy to help.